My Clean Window Theory

This theory came to me after a vivid dream I had where window cleaning companies had taken over the world. I know a dream can’t get much more strange than that but just bear with me here. In my dream there were window cleaners crowding the streets of all cities and, although they had taken over the governments of the world, everyone was living in peace because the window cleaners were converting people to do nothing but wash windows with rags and squeegees all day.

Now how could I possible get a creative resistance theory from something like this? Just wait and read, baby!

in my dream peace had covered the earth because everyone was preoccupied with the art of cleansing. Cleaning windows to me is a symbol for cleaning our perceptions and the soul, because windows are what we look through (perceptions) and cleaning removes grime (hate and anger) from the surface of reality.

Though this may sound silly, I’m taking it very seriously. My clean window theory goes as follows:

  1. As more people get preoccupied with cleansing their inner selves, more peace will spread in the world.
  2. As more peace spreads in the world, more people will be, much like my dreamed window cleaners, working in public to help others clean their windows, too.
  3. When everyone has windows that are washed pure (clean souls) all will be right in the world.

I know this is a bit hokey and explaining this is hard for me. As I talk about it more, I, too, am learning more about it so I thank you for sticking with me for this long. I don’t usually talk openly about my belief in the soul and how it can be cleaned much  like a window but here I am. I promise my next posts will not have this spiritual tendency.

This theory is still developing and I think I now know a way to make it seem more clear for my readers. Take this great example to clarify things. My friend who lives in British Columbia asked me if I know the best window cleaning company Victoria BC and I told her about the business I used to use when I lived there. I also told her that these window cleaners were symbols for spiritual gurus and when they clean your windows it’s allowing you to see outside more clearly, and when you’re outside you can also see inside with clarity! She thought I was a little crazy but then I said something that made it all make sense for her:

“A clean window is the perfect symbol for clarification of mind, purpose and soul.”

clean glass

So my theory, in other words, is a creative resistance to cloudy vision, stress and unwanted thoughts. We must, like window cleaners, remove the grime from our eyes, ears and thinking in order to see clearly again! I hope this makes sense for you because it’s only just starting to for me. I’m going to do a lot more thinking about this.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my clean window theory and I hope to see you next time!