Better Times

It’s sensible to believe a utopia is impossible, because it’s impossible to please everyone. In a utopian world, many of us might dream about what it was like to live in the incredibly unfair Middle Ages. Others might wish they had been born in the 20th and 21st centuries like us. So, with these things considered, what does it mean to wish for better times?

Are we being selfish to wish for times are better for us if they aren’t necessarily better for everyone else? We believe the answer is “Yes” if if the hopes for something better means saving the planet as we know it. For example, if our wish for a better world is simply to have sustainable resources, then we could argue that it’s best for everyone. But, then again, not every wish for the future is arguably best for everyone.

Wishing for better times is a complex thing to grasp, as we’ve just demonstrated. Taking that into account, our message here at our organization, however brief it may be, is that if by better times someone means sticking to unsustainable energy that pollutes are planet so you can make more money then that’s wrong! There’s one better future that will be best for everyone whether they know it or not, and that’s switching to green energy!