Better Times

It’s sensible to believe a utopia is impossible, because it’s impossible to please everyone. In a utopian world, many of us might dream about what it was like to live in the incredibly unfair Middle Ages. Others might wish they had been born in the 20th and 21st centuries like us. So, with these things considered, what does it mean to wish for better times?

Are we being selfish to wish for times are better for us if they aren’t necessarily better for everyone else? We believe the answer is “Yes” if if the hopes for something better means saving the planet as we know it. For example, if our wish for a better world is simply to have sustainable resources, then we could argue that it’s best for everyone. But, then again, not every wish for the future is arguably best for everyone.

Wishing for better times is a complex thing to grasp, as we’ve just demonstrated. Taking that into account, our message here at our organization, however brief it may be, is that if by better times someone means sticking to unsustainable energy that pollutes are planet so you can make more money then that’s wrong! There’s one better future that will be best for everyone whether they know it or not, and that’s switching to green energy!

Red Deer Tow Truck Company Sees Silver Lining to Social Distancing Despite Less Vehicular Traffic

All bad news has some positive ripple effect, even if we can’t see it. The positive ripple effect for social distancing due to COVID-19, however, has been brought to our attention by one special Red Deer towing company, Mar-Tin Towing & Recovery, to be exact. You may be shocked to know that a towing company is glad to see less traffic on the roads because towing companies rely on vehicular traffic for business. Every towing company I’ve talked to has taken a hit from the corona virus social distancing program but the silver lining that everyone can be happy about, especially us here at Creative Resistance, is that, since there is less vehicular traffic, less planes in the sky and less boats in the sea, pollution around the globe has also taken a big hit.

People have been amazed at how quickly social distancing has had a positive impact on the environment. There are reports of the ocean being cleaner, city smog declining, and us green energy enthusiasts are shocked to realize that, despite all our intentional objectives to save the environment in the past, the solution to pollution has now come accidentally and unintentionally thanks to COVID-19. The longer people around the world practice social distancing, operating their businesses out of home and traveling less often, the sooner we can undo the environmental damages caused by pollution. I always thought green energy would be the solution–an intentional fix with people behind the scenes working hard. But now our efforts are being supported unintentionally by people practicing social distancing around the world because there are less cars on the streets and in turn less pollution being emitted into the atmosphere.

red deer social distancing

This, of course, means that towing companies and all transportation businesses for that matter are being negatively impacted business-wise, but there are some companies out there like Mar-Tin Towing & Recovery in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada that are willing to take this hit for as long as possible simply for the positive effect is has on the environment. There is no doubt that the economy will recover and there will soon be less social distancing in the world–or in other words we’ll be returning back to normal–but we still can’t deny how grateful we are to see this clean our oceans, clean our skies and clean our wilderness locations around the world.

In Red Deer alone, it has been reported that the air is fresher, the lakes are cleaner and it’s all because pollution has decreased dramatically. I wanted to share this fabulous silver lining because I bet there are people in other parts of the world who have yet to realize this positive side-effect and by being aware of it they might have more hope for the future. So thanks again to our dear tow truck company in Red Deer AB for bringing this to our attention. We wish you the best when everything begins to shift back to normal. God bless!

Cheers to Mar-Tin Towing & Recovery Red Deer

27038, Township Rd 380, Red Deer, AB T4E 1A8

(403) 391-6951

Happy to be Canadian! Surviving Covid-19 in Canada

It’s a great day in Canada, as usual. I’m sure it’s a great day in most parts of the world, but here in Canada it’s especially a great day for me because I have my familiar, flowery street. That familiar, salty breeze. That sugary, savory maple syrup. Tim Horton’s Coffee, that proud Canadian drink. Now all I need is for the hockey games to come back on! But I don’t want my favorite hockey players to catch COVID-19. Either way, it’s a great day in Canada!

This friendly message is for my fellow Canadians but also everyone around the world! In this time we live in right now, things are wonderful. You have to believe that in order to see it though. I wish you all the best. Stay strong Canadians. The future awaits us! We symbolize green energy. We are the future, literally. I see bold destinies and vast origins, hands in hands striding together. Oh, Canada, I will stand on guard for thee!