Guest Post #1: Electric Tow Trucks in Winnipeg MB! | Kate Kristen

Brief note from host: “As I promised in my update, a friend of mine was wanting to talk about how her father is planning to drive one of the first electric tow trucks in Winnipeg, and this might very well be the first electric tow truck in Canada as far as we know. Very interesting stuff, I think. So I’ll let here take it away.”

Kate Kristen Talks About a Potential Line of Electric Tow Trucks in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Hello, I’m Kate! Now before you get over excited I should tell you that we haven’t actually got the electric tow trucks made yet but we’re working on it. As you know the environment could use some help, and my father and I have found an ingenious way to do so. We want to help the green energy movement, specifically the sector around electric cars, because we think this has a great potential for not only tow trucks but trucks of all sorts, even fire trucks and 18-wheelers. The technology is rapidly catching up to our ideas and we know it won’t be long before we can put our budget to use and design a line of electric tow trucks. This experiment to help the environment will take place in Winnipeg, MB, as this is where my father works for a Winnipeg towing company.

We’re planning to get this project fully developed and underway by 2022, but until then we still have much work to do, specifically in the design of these electric tow trucks. My father has been doing Winnipeg towing services for over a decade now and he’s super excited about this. We already have a good investor in the project and all the funding is here, but we want to do this right and take no risks.

The reason why I wanted to share this on my friend’s green energy solutions blog is because I want to create a discussion about this and spread the word. How cool do you think it would be if tow trucks were electric? Already in Winnipeg many taxis are electric, so why not other vehicles? By spreading the word and talking openly about this we can gain excitement and support from many areas. Debates in universities, conversations in restaurants and podcasts on YouTube are all great mediums to carry this discussion forward. I invite you to talk about this with your friends. Perhaps you know someone who lives in Winnipeg. Do you think they would be glad if something like this happened?

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What’s Bad About Electric Tow Trucks in Winnipeg?

  1. The batteries of electric tow trucks would need to be strong enough to haul heavy loads, and also have enough power to give the vehicle the kind of speed it needs to go on freeways and reach customers looking for emergency roadside assistance in a timely manner, which is a challenge but we’re working on it. The real challenge is doing this on our budget, but the technology is here.
  2. Also, the batteries of electric tow trucks, like any electric vehicle, need to be responsibly disposed of as the battery itself can harm the environment if not treated properly.

What’s Good About Electric Tow Trucks in Winnipeg?

  1. The tow trucks will still need to use a little bit of gas, we expect anyways. If we can avoid this by 2022, we will! But even if they did, we would be using a lot less fuel and oil than traditional towing companies in Winnipeg MB and the effect on the environment will be very positive, not to mention the beacon to the world that will generate more support for green energy solutions. It might, however, be a bit ironic if our electric tow trucks do fuel delivery services. But, hey, they’d do it anyway!
  2. We believe that if one towing company in Winnipeg converts to green energy that this will motivate and inspire other local towing companies in the area and this may domino to other parts of the world as well as other businesses and industries. If we can prove that a Winnipeg towing company can convert to a fleet of electric tow trucks than so can other businesses that use trucks, like food delivery, even family SUVs and so on. This, in a nutshell, is what’s giving us the will do do this entire project. We want to have a long-lasting impact!

So now finally I’d like to conclude by just saying thank you for being interested. It’s people like you who care about the environment that are making the difference whether you know it or not. By standing up to problems like this and supporting blogs who make discussions, you’re having a profound subconscious effect on the world and I love you for it. So keep being you! And, hey, check back in 2022 to see how our Winnipeg towing company has converted. There’s a small possibility we won’t be able to reach our deadline but there’s also a greater chance that we’ll get this done even sooner!

So wish us luck and thanks again!