Our 2019 Resolution

We’ve had lots of fun rebuilding our blog in 2018 but now we have new plans for the New Year–2019!

This, however, doesn’t mean we’ll be posting more often. This blog is a side project in our many avenues of focus and we only wish to improve the quality of our writing and the ideas we share. After all, we’re all about ideas for Creative Resistance to earth’s many growing problems in pollution.

What is our resolution word for word?

Our 2019 resolution goes as follows: “We hope to give hope to the youth of today so that they can become actors of peace for the future. In a lot of youth today, hope for the future is lost. But hope shouldn’t be lost. There has been much progress over recent years in trying to reach nation-to-nation understanding and agreements for green energy solutions. The end of the world isn’t coming soon like some people might claim and today the great nations of the world still have hundreds if not thousands of years to prosper and adapt to changing economies. So if you’re one of those people spreading fear into the minds of our youth by preaching revolution and conspiracy theories, please stop. We know your intentions are good, but that is not the way to go about change. We must instill hope in our youth because fear is the opposite of what we need! Thank you!”

We hope to:

  1. Speak of the reasons why the future is going to be bright and happy
  2. Help to remove bad feelings from the hearts of as many people as possible
  3. Create more ideas to resist pollution

Now after reading our resolution we hope you’ve done some thinking about yours. 2019 can be a bright and peaceful year, but only if you decide it to be so.

We wish you all the best in 2019,

Sincerely, the team at Creative Resistance