Install Solar Panels on Your Home to Fight Global Warming!

Across North America we’re seeing a drastic rise in the installation of solar panels as a direct result of fear of global warming. Lessening how we use un-renewable resources is having an impact on wildlife so awesome we can’t comprehend it. The more that solar panels replace the burning of coal the more clean our skies will be for wildlife.

Consider installing solar panels this week. Not only does it help to fight global warming, it saves you money as it dramatically lessens the cost of heating and electricity bills.

I see a future where solar panels on new buildings and homes is a mandatory building code regulation. This would mean that soon enough every single house in North America would be producing a bulk portion of their own energy. Wouldn’t that be great?

Coal mines may find themselves closing down all over the world, but there will be work for these people in the renewable energy industry, and they’ll be welcomed with open arms. One day even electric cars could have hidden solar panels across the surface of the whole car in any color of the owners’ wishes.

The future is bright and with more creative solutions, problems will slip away into the history of Earth, and we’ll move onward toward a clean environment for everyone.

Cheers to everyone helping the world unconditionally with solar panels on their home. We love you!

If you still need convincing of why you should install solar panels ASAP, here’s a list of all the things you’ll be helping everyday without effort:

  1. Future generations
  2. Inspiring your neighborhood
  3. Birds in the sky
  4. Fish in the ocean
  5. The ozone layer
  6. Wildlife in the forests
  7. The philosophy of children
  8. Decisions of politicians

And there’s much, much more! Thank you for considering to do this for the planet!