Progress Report February 2019

Creative resistance to environmental problems are being tackled around the world. I’ve been busy enough to not keep up with the amazing detail of progress countries are making in green energy solutions, but I have been reading enough to know things are going in a good direction overall. Despite Trump’s revival of Big Oil, young people on average still agree with the opposing views and Big Oil has no chance of making a comeback that will equal it’s heyday. We are on the road to change, and this is a good thing.

This progress report, however, is about me and what I’ve been thinking about lately. I recently got an electric car and this feels amazing to drive, not only because it uses green energy and doesn’t pollute the environment (besides the battery which can be disposed of responsibly when the times comes) but also because the car is quiet and doesn’t rumble like a classic engine car. It’s really smooth sailing on the road with an electric car, and I love the quietness on the freeways, plus I save a lot on gas now.

Another cool thing that’s new with me is I’ve been on a few dates with an old friend from Australia and she might be doing a guest post in the next few days talking about how towing companies are switching to electric trucks in some parts of the world. She knows about this a lot more than most of us because her father works for a towing company in Canada. On this more later.

The last piece of news I want to share is my overall happiness in the last few weeks. I’ve been exercising more and I notice I have a lot more cognitive power during times of the day where I used to have a dearth in energy. I’ll be increasing my exercise in a few days and might dedicate a post to the benefits of exercise in my own experience pretty soon.

Thanks for checking out my update and I hope your season is going well. 2019 is an amazing year to work hard and kick butt in the world. Good luck out there!