What Animal Symbolizes Green Energy?

Many poetic writers like to call certain aspects of Western civilization like the oil industry or policing in black communities “the Beast” which is an allusion to Satan in the Book of Revelations, described as a dragon, like Python in ancient Greek mythology, referenced by Dante and numerous other famous writers of history.

Now if evil deserves such a powerful image to symbolize it, then goodness does, too, and today I would like to assert a creature as the symbol of green energy.

What Creature Represents Green Energy?

I did a lot of thinking about this because I am pioneering here and want to get it right. I think I deserve to make this choice, not because I have a big ego or because I am an expert in green energy but because I am, myself, a symbol for today’s revolution in Western culture. I am a young person who dreams of a green tomorrow and I also run this cool blog about creative resistance to pollution. So if you’re looking for which animal symbolizes solar power or green energy solutions then keep reading.

Answer: the green iguana.

the symbol of green energy

But why? There are several reasons why I chose the green iguana to symbolize green energy. The obvious one is because they’re green, but here’s a rundown of the others:

  1. They are herbivores, which means they don’t eat meat, and for many the rise in green energy around the world comes in tandem with the rise of health, which includes yoga and vegan lifestyles, not that being a herbivore is a healthy choice for everyone. Refraining from eating other animals to me symbolizes conscience and morality.
  2. With their wrinkles and beard the green iguana looks like a wizened old man who’s seen enough negativity in his days. Many say the owl is the symbol of wisdom, but if you ask me the green iguana looks very wise, indeed. If it could talk it might scold us for the way we treat the planet.
  3. The green iguana can run 21 miles per hour, which is fast for its size. I mention this because there is a misconception that green energy for whatever reason isn’t as powerful as conventional energy that pollutes the planet. Well, the easiest way to debunk that myth is to take a look at some of electric race cars out there. Even your average Tesla car can drive just as fast as your traditional gas-fueled car. So when I chose the green iguana one of the main factors I was looking for is speed.
  4. Green iguanas live in tropical rain forests. This is very apt because the main reason people plead for green energy solutions is to protect the environment and when we think of the environment being polluted we also think of rain forests being cut down and animals in rain forests losing their habitats or becoming extinct. Almost any creature that lives in the rain forest would make a great symbol for green energy, but the green iguana also has the aforementioned qualities which make it the perfect symbol for the green movement if you ask me.